Kolon Sport Interactive Tent

2013 - 2015  |  Daejeon, S.Korea

Reddot Award

Interactive tent for Kolon Sport. The tent has 3 main functions:


Rana: the Sound Drums installed on the roof of the tent can sense the falling raindrop vibration and project images inside the tent. Also, users can amplify the sound of the raindrop sound to give a theatrical effect inside the tent (the sound can also be dimmed as well). The solar panels embedded inside the Sound Drums can be charged for multiple usages.

Aura: The Hybrid Solar / Air Tubes are installed on the surface of the tent to generate electricity and insulate the tent for preventing the cold air to penetrate during cold weathers. Also, it works as an air heating chamber which heats up the cold air inside the tent by sucking the cold air into the air tubes and releasing the air when it gets heated by the sunlight. During summer seasons, the Hybrid Solar / Air Tube sucks the hot air inside the tent and releases it outside the tent to maintain coolness.


Magic Window: The user can project different sceneries inside the tent during the night. Interacting with the Magic Window is controlling by motion (hacking Kinetic from Microsoft X-Box).