Audi A0 Carrier

2014  |  Daejeon, S.Korea

Audi is an automobile company that delivered the users a new driving experience through innovative technology and design. Ultimately it provides the users with a new lifestyle.


With the all-new Audi A0 Carrier, users can now travel with confidence and style. The sporty and dynamic image of Audi was portrayed to the Audi A0 Carrier to differentiate from other luxury carriers. In addition, the Audi A0 carrier can be customized as an Audi automobile to express the user's lifestyle. Materials such as polycarbonate, carbon fiber, ultra-light alloy, and a selection of textiles (fabric/leather) were used for durability, lightness, and luxury.


For usability, the carry-on carrier can be docked onto the carrier handlebar for safety and unity of the overall design. Also with the new Handle Display, users can input and check their traveler information (luggage tag, name tag, boarding information). The carrier handle also functions as a digital scale where the users can check the weight of the carrier when packing.