2014  |  Daejeon, S.Korea

Reddot Award

BOXCHOOL is a modular container school designed for developing countries. It is delivered as a standard shipping container along with its subsidiary modular parts and it transforms into a classroom. These modular parts build the interior/exterior of the Boxchool by attaching to the corner castings of the containers, which form the standard part of all the shipping containers. Two units of Boxchool containers can be transformed into one big fully equipped classroom for at least 24 children.


Boxchool can generate its own energy by solar panels that provide sustainable energy to IT educational equipment. 14 solar panels generate approximately 4760kWh per day. Gutter filter, pipe filter, and two precipitation tanks purify rainwater. And hot humid air flows out through the attic vent, doors, and windows. Boxchool provides a sustainable educational environment to children anywhere in the world.